" A badly written sermon has no more chance of piercing the heart than a rusty and crooked nail has of entering a wall! "
Ven. Fr Passerat C.Ss.R
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Fr Tom Molloy a Hospital Chaplain...


Fr Tom Molloy holding the oil of the Sick and his prayer book.



A short account of my work as a chaplain at the Western and Victoria Hospitals in Edinburgh.

"I have now almost completed seven years as Chaplain to both hospitals. This means that I am on call  sixty hours a week, beginning on Sunday 9.a.m till 9p.m  and this runs through to Thursday. I have Friday and Saturday  off duty  which gives me an opportunity to visit my community in St. Mary's monastery in Perth, or St. Patrick's parish in Edinburgh.
The priests in the deanery look after the night calls and because I am able to spend  ten to fifteen hours visiting the wards and attending to the sick each week, very few night calls are made.
I offer to cover the night calls now and again and if I get a call, a taxi comes to my place in Currie and brings me back home.
One problem we chaplains have is finding out who is who in hospital, this is the direct result of data protection.
Chaplains are not regarded as fully professional members  of staff  and so we have some difficulty in gaining access. However, I have good relationships  with many of the staff who come to my rescue.
Despite the difficulties, I have managed to administer the sacraments to some 8000 people in the last seven years."
Fr Tom Molloy is a man of incredible energy.
Throughout his priesthood he has been involved in many projects
- that have seen him in Africa, and New Zealand!
Perhaps he will write something of these adventures for us!