" Have you ever seriously reflected what those words mean, a God to be made man, and to die for thee? "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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Youth Ministry



(by Paul Murphy, Coordinator of Redemptorist Youth Ministry)


Just before Christmas a number of the RYM Young Adult Group from Liverpool made our first weekend retreat together to the fantastic Hawkstone Hall Pastoral and Renewal Centre in beautiful rural Shropshire!

The weekend was attended by around 12 committed young adults who regularly attend the group in Bishop Eton every fortnight!


The relaxing setting of Hawkstone provided the ideal opportunity for us all to 'retreat' and take time out of the busy-ness of our lives and in the run up towards Christmas! It was a time for us to relax together, reflect on our faith and pray together! A time for God and a time for one another!

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San Sperate 2013...

The highlight this year for Youth Ministry was definitely San Sperate, the wonderful town on Sardinia. Young people from as far as Belarus to Belfast and Perth to Calabria and some from even as far as the United States gathered for the 10th International Redemptorist Youth Congress.


The first one took place 25 years ago in

Pagani (Italy)

followed by

El Espino (Spain)

Eggenburg (Austria)

Durham (England)

Essen (Belgium)

Torun (Poland)

Bonn (Germany)

Limerick (Ireland)

Lviv (Ukraine)


San Sperate (Italy).


Have a look at some of the photos to get a flavour of this special event.

101 8103

The Ukrainians led us in morning prayer...

101 8104


101 8112 


101 8131 

A profession was celebrated - he made his noviciate in South Africa!

Scotland's Rio Experience...

At the end of July when Pope Francis went to Rio de Janeiro to be with millions of young people, Scotland decided to join in the action and have a Rio experience all of their own! The following pictures give a small impression of the fantastic time had by all... 

Scotlands Rio 0004

The young people were there...

 Scotlands Rio 0015 Scotlands Rio 0021

the nuns were there...                                                        the clergy were there...

 Scotlands Rio 0042 Scotlands Rio 0045

a young Passionist was there...                                           even more young people were there...

Catholic Youth - Scotland's Rio...

catholic youth

There are many events going on all over and up and down the UK, but this year the Reds have decided to stick with

the Scottish group to celebrate the World Youth Day 2013.

A group from our monastery in Liverpool will travel to Stirling University to join the country's Youth.

More to follow...!


World Youth Day - Aparecida...

The Holy Father, Pope Francis I celebrated Mass in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida.

The Sanctuary is run by our confreres, the Redemptorists of Brasil!

Our Lady of Aparecida has been named Patroness of the World Youth Day!


Here is the Holy Father's homily...


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

What joy I feel as I come to the house of the Mother of every Brazilian, the Shrine of our Lady of Aparecida! The day after my election as Bishop of Rome, I visited the Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome, in order to entrust my ministry as the Successor of Peter to Our Lady. Today I have come here to ask Mary our Mother for the success of World Youth Day and to place at her feet the life of the people of Latin America.

A new section and page - YOUTH...


You may not as yet have noticed our new page on the website - Youth Ministry.

IClick on the words Youth Ministry and a whole world will open up before you!



The Story so far...


 (Sorry no pics as yet!)

Well only a few months have passed since I was first appointed as Co-ordinator for Youth Ministry for the Redemptorists, but so much has happened already that I felt that this great season of Eastertide would be a good chance to update everyone on what’s happening in the world of youth. These are exciting times!!!

In February 2013, I had the privilege of speaking at all the Sunday Masses at Bishop Eton and St.Mary’s here in Liverpool. I spoke about my own ‘faith journey’ and invited young people to consider whether they would like to play a more active role in their parishes and in learning about and sharing their faith.

The response I received from parishioners and young people to my talks was fantastic and I felt inspired by their commitment and support for youth ministry.

Please read the Youth Ministry pages for updates and reports on events. 


The Story so far... (July 2013)





Well only a few months have passed since I was first appointed as Co-ordinator for Youth Ministry for the Redemptorists, but so much has happened already that I felt that this great season of Eastertide would be a good chance to update everyone on what’s happening in the world of youth. These are exciting times!!!

In February 2013, I had the privilege of speaking at all the Sunday Masses at Bishop Eton and St.Mary’s here in Liverpool. I spoke about my own ‘faith journey’ and invited young people to consider whether they would like to play a more active role in their parishes and in learning about and sharing their faith.

The response I received from parishioners and young people to my talks was fantastic and I felt inspired by their commitment and support for youth ministry.

I will now give a brief flavour of what has happened since February here in Liverpool and beyond.

Young Adult Group (18-35)

One February evening after the 6pm Sunday Mass in Bishop Eton, I invited any young adult who was interested in being part of a Young Adult Group to come to a meeting to see how we could start such a group. Being used to running such a group in a small parish up in the North-East of Scotland, I was somewhat surprised but delighted that there was a group of 8 people waiting in the church porch at the end of Mass wanting to find out more.

Immediately it became obvious that there was a thirst amongst these young adults for developing a group and we spent some time discussing how we could take things forward. Some even indicated that ‘this is what we have been waiting for’!!

The group has grown from strength to strength since this first initial meeting, and the commitment and enthusiasm for sharing faith and friendship has been quite overwhelming. We meet every fortnight on a Tuesday in the Hughes Room at Bishop Eton. 


By the beginning of April – the group has already met on 6 occasions, and around 20 different young adults have attended one or more sessions. The group consistently is attended by 10-15 young adults. The group consists of both young adults from Bishop Eton, St Mary’s and beyond. New members are coming along each week which has helped the group to continually evolve.

The sessions consist of a mix of both spiritual and social elements. Each meeting begins with 1hr of spiritual reflection and prayer and then we go out for a period of social time together in order to get to know one another better.

The spiritual sessions each week vary in terms of the nature of input, but the structure of the sessions always allows for opening and closing prayers and intercessions for the day. Some sessions we have focused on reflecting on the Gospel of the day using the Lectio Divina approach to prayer, whilst other sessions we have watched the Catholicism Series on DVD. Recently I invited some speakers from the Focolare Movement to come and talk to the group and we had the opportunity to discuss how we can live out the Gospel in our own lives.

During Holy Week, the group also attended the Liverpool Passion Play at the Anglican Cathedral, and this was a wonderful opportunity to journey in faith together during the most holy of weeks.

I am a great believer in the mix of spiritual and social for the Young Adult Group, and to this end, each session concludes by the group going for some quality time to chat, share experiences and have some fun getting to know one another.

So far we have gone for various meals together in Allerton and in Liverpool ONE, have gone on a bowling night and been to Penny Lane for a Quiz Night. These have been wonderful experiences and they have been an invaluable way of enabling us to grow together as a group.

I have plans to organise a Weekend Retreat for the Young Adult Group in May/ June at Hawkstone Hall and details of this will be available very soon!


Youth Group (12-17)


It is not only the ‘older youth’ group who have made great progress recently. Since February – a Bishop Eton Youth Group for teenagers aged 12-17 has developed very nicely. With wonderful support and commitment from 3 teachers and catechists in the Parish, this group has formed and engaged in several events so far.

Initially a meeting was held with some young people in the Hughes Room, and we wanted to find out more from the young people themselves about their ideas for setting up a group.

Once again it quickly became clear that there was a desire and hunger amongst this group of young people for something to happen. They expressed a clear message that they wanted to get ‘more involved’ in the life of the parish.

After some more discussion meetings (and pizza!!) it was agreed that the group wanted to start by ‘helping others in need’. They showed an appetite for becoming involved in ‘works of charity’.

So an event was held at the beginning of March where a local charity called ‘Asylum Link’ came to give a talk and presentation to the Youth Group in the Fisher-More Hall. Asylum Link in Liverpool is a charitable organisation which seeks to provide support and resources for those in the city who are seeking asylum in the UK.

Around 12-15 young people attended the talk and were inspired by the presentation from a religious sister who works for the charity and from an asylum seeker from Ivory Coast.

The Youth Group had already agreed prior to the talk, that they would hold a ‘Collection’ the following weekend at the Sunday Masses in the Parish. They invited parishioners to donate clothes, food, toiletries and bric-a-brac and drop them off at the Fisher-More Hall. A team of young people worked hard to sort out all the clothes and food into boxes, and after a good few hours solid work, we all took 4 car loads of collected items down to hand in personally to Asylum Link in Liverpool.

This was a wonderful event and showed the compassion and love the young people have for those deemed most vulnerable in our society.

On Palm Sunday at the evening Mass, the Youth Group also were given another opportunity to become ‘more involved’ in the life of the parish. A dozen or so from the group participated in various ministries including: greeting parishioners as they entered church; distributing hymnbooks, bulletins and palms; collecting at Offertory and processing with Gifts to the altar; and in the reading of the Passion.

This was a great evening which demonstrated the willingness of the Youth Group to work together as a team and become actively involved in parish life. It was also a great chance for parishioners to ‘visibly’ see the group in action.

Future meetings for the group are planned for April, with a trip to the Cathedrals in Liverpool and it is hoped that a Day Retreat to Hawkstone Hall for the Youth Group will take place towards the end of June.

Plans for a similar Youth Group for St Mary’s Parish are also being discussed as we speak.


Over the first few months in post, I have also worked hard to build up and establish links and contacts with young people, youth ministry teams and relevant agencies locally and nationally. I give a brief flavour of these links below:

CYMFed (Catholic Youth Ministry Federation) Congress:

I attended the CYMFed Youth Ministry Congress in March in Gateshead – and made good links with many Youth Ministry teams and representatives at this day event. Having met with Fr Dermott Donnelly (Chair of CYMFed), he has agreed to enrol me as a member of CYMFed nationally, which enables Redemptorist Youth Ministry to be represented at national planning meetings.

Whilst at the Congress, I was also privileged to meet Fr Paul Farrer (MYMission – Youth Ministry Leader for Middlesbrough). He agreed to meet with me in Middlesbrough a few days later and we discussed all things Youth Ministry. He has agreed that I can visit for a few days and observe his Youth Ministry team in action whilst they are in schools at the beginning of May.

He also interviewed me for his world-wide famous YouCast podcast – which discusses Youth Ministry – and which is downloaded from every corner of the globe. He interviewed me and I feature on Episode 6 – which is available to download from iTunes or from the YouCast website (www.mymission.org.uk/). In the interview, I discuss my new role as Coordinator for Youth Ministry, discuss my faith journey and experiences of working with young people. It was a good opportunity to highlight and raise awareness nationally of the Redemptorist Youth Ministry in UK.

I have also written a review of my CYMFed Congress experience which is published in the BE Alive magazine in Bishop Eton and for the London Province website.

ANIMATE Youth Ministry – Archdiocese of Liverpool


I have visited the team in St Helen’s on a few occasions and have established good links with this team. I observed them doing a Day Retreat for a school and we had chance to share resources and ideas. Links are ongoing.

Local Youth Groups/ Links


I have made links also with a Young Adult Group in Aigburth area of Liverpool. Some of the group have even attended some of the Bishop Eton Young Adult Group meetings. I try to attend their monthly meeting – in order to keep updated with other local initiatives.


Pastoral Area Link in Liverpool


I have now met twice with the Dean of the Pastoral Area which covers both Bishop Eton and St.Mary’s. We have discussed ways in which we can work together to host Youth events at a Pastoral Area level, and we have also explored possibility of establishing a Pastoral Area Youth Forum, which could include youth representatives from each of the parishes.


Hope University Chaplaincy


I have established good links with the Chaplaincy at Hope University and attend services/ Masses whenever possible. Some of the Hope students now attend the Young Adult Group as a result of the links made.

Links have also been made with the Methodist Youth Worker at the Chaplaincy, and there are plans for inter-faith Youth Ministry events to explore different faith experiences.




Since starting in post – I have also assisted on two Parish Mission weeks in Coventry and Perth. I was involved in visiting local schools, leading music ministry, and giving my own personal testimony at services and Masses. I have also since written an article on my Mission experience in Coventry for the Archdiocese of Birmingham newspaper.


Kinnoull Young Adult Weekend Retreat


In February 2013 I also organised the annual Young Adult Weekend Retreat. This year it was entitled ‘transfigure@KINNOULL’, and 12 young adults attended. We focused on the Gospel of the Transfiguration, and we had lovely periods of prayer, silence, reflection, worship music, walks and social time. A date for next year retreat has also been set.




The plan is to go down to Erdington Abbey in mid-April and speak at all the Sunday Masses, and to attempt to develop links with young people there. It is hoped that a Young Adult Group and/ or Youth Group can be established there.


So as you can see the first few months have been extremely busy but incredibly encouraging and busy. It has been a privilege to meet people and encourage them to share their faith story. Young people have demonstrated a real thirst for meeting and developing and sharing their faith together. It is hoped that the work already done here in Liverpool will pave the way for similar work to happen across the Province. Thanks to all who have helped or supported the Youth Ministry so far.

For more information or if you would like to attend either the Youth Group or Young Adult Group – please contact Paul Murphy on 0775 123 7473 or email at

God bless


The following article appeared in BE Alive in July 2013


By Paul Murphy (Co-ordinator for Youth Ministry)


YOUTH GROUP (12-17 years) - #inspire

Great efforts have been made in the last couple of months to form a network of adult leaders to plan and organise events for the young people of Bishop Eton and St Mary’s. A very dedicated and highly committed team has been working behind the scenes to plan future events. The team is made up of parishioners from both parishes.

The hard work of the team led to the very successful #inspire event which was held at St. Julie’s High School. A special thanks goes to all the #inspire team who made this day possible, and also to Tim Alderman and all at St. Julie’s who offered us facilities and fantastic practical support. Thanks folks!!!!


#inspire – Saturday 15 June


The #inspire event was aimed at inviting young people (aged Year 8+) from both parishes to attend an afternoon event which focused on the ‘Heart, Mind, Body & Soul’.


A good number of young people from both parishes attended and the day included a variety of  activities, ice-breakers, worship music, gospel reflections and video presentations. We also all enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea (sausage rolls, cakes and juice) in between all the sessions.


The young people participated so well during the course of the event and their commitment, dedication and prayerfulness inspired all of the adult leaders who were present. They also expressed a real desire for future events to be organised.


Input during the day was aimed at encouraging the young people to reflect on how they can live their lives to the full and the role that their faith can play in enabling this.


Individualised bookmarks with inspirational quotes were given to each young person at the end of the day and it is hoped that this will be the start of great things for the Youth Group.


If you are 12-17 years old – and are keen to become involved in the Youth Group– please contact Paul Murphy at


YOUNG ADULT GROUP (18-35 years)


The Young Adult Group continues to keep growing in numbers! Around 40 different young people have attended at least one session of the group since it began in March 2013 and we regularly average between 15-20 at each session.


In the last few months, we have had a variety of different events and social occasions and great friendships have already been made amongst the members.


Young adults from all over Liverpool have been attending – and it seems that the group is very much fulfilling a need for young people to gather together to share their faith and meet socially. Over the past few months, the group has watched a DVD on the story of the ‘Mary’s Meals Charity’ and has discussed ways in which the group can put our faith into action. We have also had Praise and Worship evenings, and a social trip to New Brighton on the Wirral.


We also invited Fr. Stephen Pritchard, Chaplain at Hope University to come and speak to the group about his involvement in Youth Ministry and his own faith journey. Fr Stephen’s talk was most inspiring and gave us all food for thought in relation to how we as young adults can live out our faith.


Last month also saw the first of our ‘WALK, PRAY, EAT’ evenings. We gathered as a group in the grounds of

Bishop Eton and made a pilgrimage walk to St Mary’s in Woolton. During the course of this walk, we stopped in the beautiful Reynolds Park in Woolton to have a period of prayer and reflection, before finishing with a closing prayer at Our Lady’s Shrine in the grounds of St Mary’s. The evening attracted a group of 20 young adults – and we ended the day with a Curry Night at one of the local restaurants. A night to remember for all who attended!


The group will continue to meet in July and there will be some social occasions planned for the summer months. The Young Adult Group network in Liverpool is growing and the links I’ve made with Liverpool University Chaplaincy and Hope University Chaplaincy appear to be bearing great


fruit. The times they are exciting!!!!! Anyone who is 18-35 years old – and who may be interested in getting involved in the Young Adult Group – please contact Paul Murphy on 0775 123 7473 or email .



Exciting plans for Youth Events across the Pastoral Area are also in progress.

Watch this space!!!!!


May Day!...

Watch and see what the young people are saying!