" Not by chance, nor in vain, do the servants of Mary call her mother "
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Youth Ministry

Wholy Holy Banner

Hawkstone Hall 21st June 2014

Keynote Speakers

on the 21st June 2014 Hawkstone Hall, the Redemptorist International Pastoral Centre in Shropshire, hosted Wholly Holy an event advertised as providing 


"Keynote speakers, Reflection, Discussion, Food, Mass,

Adoration and Time out in beautiful surroundings."



Wholly Holy...


Please tell people about this fun day on June 21st!


wholly holy

Reflection on a Youth Retreat...






Picture an ancient monastery perched on a verdant hill. Picture a chapel, with diamond-patterned sunlight slanting onto its whitewashed walls. Picture evergreen-shaded gardens, with quiet wandering paths and a stream bubbling through a grotto. Now picture a group of young adults, screaming at a flipchart pad in a game of Catholic Pictionary. Yes, you guessed it – the annual retreat to St Mary’s, Kinnoull. Some of us didn’t survive as far as the evening socials but we have it from reliable sources that matters got a little competitive.




Redemptorist Youth Ministry...


The Redemptorist Youth Ministry has been on the move again, this time to the Redemptorist Monastery in Perth, commonly refered to as Kinnoull. A group of young adults (27 from every corner of the country) gathered together to pray, reflect and have fun. Read on to find out somebody's personal experience...



youth group kinnoull1

"Having just returned from the Young Adult Retreat in Kinnoull, it is safe to say that it was a retreat that will not be forgotten in a long time, its impact will have a lasting effect on me and my relationship with God. It was a weekend in which I could relax, unwind, reflect, meet new people and take that real time and space for God which is so hard to find in everyday life. It began with a group of us setting off from Liverpool on Thursday morning to begin the trip up North, we had an overnight rest in Glasgow before we headed on up to Kinnoull on Friday morning via some truly beautiful parts of Scotland. Once at the Monastery we were greeted with such warm hospitality, I felt at home straight away. From our first evenings session it was wonderful and humbling to see so many people from all over the country and from different backgrounds coming together united in their faith. Throughout the evening people were enjoying each other’s company and learning more about one another, the evening drew to a close with a time of prayer to help us focus ourselves for the weekend ahead and give thanks for what we had shared so far.



(by Paul Murphy, Coordinator of Redemptorist Youth Ministry)


Just before Christmas a number of the RYM Young Adult Group from Liverpool made our first weekend retreat together to the fantastic Hawkstone Hall Pastoral and Renewal Centre in beautiful rural Shropshire!

The weekend was attended by around 12 committed young adults who regularly attend the group in Bishop Eton every fortnight!


The relaxing setting of Hawkstone provided the ideal opportunity for us all to 'retreat' and take time out of the busy-ness of our lives and in the run up towards Christmas! It was a time for us to relax together, reflect on our faith and pray together! A time for God and a time for one another!

CSsR Youth Ministry on Twitter...


The Youth Ministry of the Province now has its own Twitter account! You can follow it at



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San Sperate 2013...

The highlight this year for Youth Ministry was definitely San Sperate, the wonderful town on Sardinia. Young people from as far as Belarus to Belfast and Perth to Calabria and some from even as far as the United States gathered for the 10th International Redemptorist Youth Congress.


The first one took place 25 years ago in

Pagani (Italy)

followed by

El Espino (Spain)

Eggenburg (Austria)

Durham (England)

Essen (Belgium)

Torun (Poland)

Bonn (Germany)

Limerick (Ireland)

Lviv (Ukraine)


San Sperate (Italy).


Have a look at some of the photos to get a flavour of this special event.

101 8103

The Ukrainians led us in morning prayer...

101 8104


101 8112 


101 8131 

A profession was celebrated - he made his noviciate in South Africa!

Scotland's Rio Experience...

At the end of July when Pope Francis went to Rio de Janeiro to be with millions of young people, Scotland decided to join in the action and have a Rio experience all of their own! The following pictures give a small impression of the fantastic time had by all... 

Scotlands Rio 0004

The young people were there...

 Scotlands Rio 0015 Scotlands Rio 0021

the nuns were there...                                                        the clergy were there...

 Scotlands Rio 0042 Scotlands Rio 0045

a young Passionist was there...                                           even more young people were there...

Catholic Youth - Scotland's Rio...

catholic youth

There are many events going on all over and up and down the UK, but this year the Reds have decided to stick with

the Scottish group to celebrate the World Youth Day 2013.

A group from our monastery in Liverpool will travel to Stirling University to join the country's Youth.

More to follow...!