" I be able, by the sacrifice of my life, to bring it about that all know and love God as He deserves "
Blessed Peter Donders C.Ss.R
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A look back at Flame 2 using mainly social media postings



Here is the message and blessing from Pope Francis and Flame 2's response 



To read Cardinal Tagle's Keynote address click here



Baroness Hollins spoke of the need to avoid

Addiction Bored Used Solo Excluded

and to employ

Give Receive Active Create Engage

For the full transcript click here

Matt Redman shared his beautiful - Heart of Worship

Love chooses you - The Gospel in 7 minutes by David Wells

For the transcript click here

The day ended with Eucharistic Adoration which was introduces by Fr. Timothy Radcliffe - who said that when we adored the Eucharist we were bathing in the Son of God.