" Grant that I may never again seek any pleasure other than that of pleasing You, of visiting You often, of speaking with You... "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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God of Surprises - A thought for the day...

god of surpises pope


'The God of Surprises' 

Most of us tend to live lives which are packed full of routine and which follow set daily patterns. We often rise in the morning at the same time; we may have the same cereal for breakfast; or we may visit the same coffee shop before work each morning. With our faith and prayer lives - many of us also follow certain routines when it comes to the prayers we recite or the way in which we worship.

We all have our little daily rituals and habits which indeed help us cope with the demands of our busy lives. They make us feel ordered, in control, safe and secure! We need this important element of order in our lives to function effectively and to prevent us from becoming 'overwhelmed' by the hectic and challenging nature of life!

Then on the other hand there are other occasions in our lives where we experience the unexpected - where we really are taken aback or surprised by events or situations which we encounter. Times when we become aware that we are experiencing something  'out of the ordinary' or 'extra-ordinary'.

We all know what it's like to unexpectedly meet a friend we haven't seen for a while or for someone to 'surprise' us with a gift or present, or even a smile. These times often make us feel good about ourselves, happy, respected and valued. They heighten our feelings of joy often to 'new levels'.

We often talk about the best days being the ones which we haven't planned, the days where we haven't followed the usual script! The times when we experience new things, meet new people or visit new places.

The unexpected times, the surprises, the times where we break from our old routines, often serve to take us out of our comfort zones and challenge us to 'let go and let God'.

God continually surprises us with the many blessings and graces which he bestows upon us! Think of the countless ways in which he brings joy, grace and beauty into our lives often in situations we don't anticipate or expect. Many experiences in life we often refer to as 'God-incidences' - times when we acutely feel the powerful and close presence of God working in us and through others, times which we never expected.

God works in us in the most unexpected ways! God works in the most unexpected people, in the most unexpected ways, in the most unexpected places resulting in the most unexpected outcomes! He continues to surprise us every day with the unending love he has for all of us.

Every day presents each of us with a challenge to be 'open' to our 'God of surprises'.

If we can be more open to the wonderful and gentle flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we will continue to be amazed by the awesome surprises God has in store for each of us! 

The best is indeed yet to come.....

So today - 'Do not be afraid of the God of surprises!'

God bless,


Written by Paul Murphy - 29th July 2015
(Paul is Coordinator of Redemptorist Youth Ministry (RYM) in Great Britain)