" A badly written sermon has no more chance of piercing the heart than a rusty and crooked nail has of entering a wall! "
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CSsR Youth and the London Homeless Mission...

homeless mission

Paul Murphy shares with us some thought -

"Once again I have a mixture of emotions following our Redemptorist Homeless Mission in central London this evening!

On the most bitterly cold night in London - we have had the most heartwarming conversations with some incredible people who are homeless around Piccadilly, Green Park, Piccadilly Circus and Chinatown. 

We met and talked to around 30 people from so many places who are homeless. So many people who are just like you and me - and who are in such lonely heartbreaking situations - without food, shelter or company!

We met many people whom we had met before Christmas and it was lovely to chat to them again - but not so nice to see that they were still homeless. Tonight we chatted and distributed hot drinks and food/clothing to people from London, Birmingham, Scotland, Italy, Poland, Cardiff, Ireland and Romania.

We chatted to many men and women who literally have nothing - are scared of accessing supports and shelters - who are fearful of what the next day brings.

Tonight once again we just listened to their stories, tried to bring some comfort and assured them of our love and prayers!

Please please please - do what you can to help our Missions - do what you can to just even simply ACKNOWLEDGE people on the streets with a smile or a hello. They value being valued and respected - they tell us this all the time. They feel that so many people look down up them all the time!

So help in any way by praying or being kind to our brothers and sisters in need! 

What struck me tonight MORE than ever before was just how this situation of homelessness can happen to ANYONE - to any one of us!

God be with them now on this cold night and help them to feel the Lord's presence in their lives - by our actions, smiles, kindness and compassion!

(special thanks to Costa coffee, and to the Policeman who took our picture)"