" Jesus, thank you for everything, for my very beginning and my very end. "
Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa OSsR
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Goodbye Paul - A look back on Paul's Youth Ministry


Back in March 2017, after over four years as the Redemptorist Youth Ministry Coordinato, Paul Murphy left  us for pastures new. During his tenure he set up youth groups and young adult groups in Birmingham, Liverpool and London.  

Many people benefited from his work, new friendships were forged, and people’s knowledge of their faith enhanced.

To read some of the early feedback on his ministry click here

Paul made many contacts amongst with Youth Ministry groups throughout the country and as part of CYMFED was involved with both Flame and Flame2. 

Amongst the spiritual events Paul organises were Wholly Holy (1 and 2), and Advent and Lent events

You can refresh your memory of these events by clicking on the below links

Wholly Holy 2014

Wholly Holy 2015

Advent Retreat December2016

Other reports on Paul's ministry and be found in our Youth Ministry Pages

In more recent times, Paul organised Homeless missions in Birmingham, Liverpool. London and in Glasgow. A Scottish native his efforts were rewarded when he met with Bishop John Keenan (Diocese of Paisley) to explore ways in which the homeless could be helped.

Before leaving Paul had farewell events with all the groups he had formeed. Below are some photos from the Liverpool event which comprised of a leaving Mass at St, Mary’s Woolton followed by a leaving meal. at a local Indian restaurant.

IMG 1434

Fr. Andrew Burns preaching the homily


IMG 1435


IMG 1438

Paul saying Goodbye


IMG 1444

A few of Paul's many friends.


We would like to thank Paul for all he did in his ministry with us, and we are sure they people he touched will remember him fondly

Good luck Paul with your new job, and may God Bless you in your future ventures.