" So Mary is a Queen. And, for our consolation, we ought to remember that she is a most tender and kind Queen eager to help us in our miseries. So much so that the Church wants us to call her in this prayer a Queen of Mercy! "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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RYM Young Adult Homeless Mission

We’ve been wanting to do a homeless mission since we first started planning events for the

young adult group, so we were really excited to liaise with Helen the lay chaplain at Hope, who had some experience of doing this in Liverpool.

We decided to do a joint mission with Hope University Cath. Soc. and it worked brilliantly !



We’d decided to meet at the Cathedral at 7:30pm. Anita and I stood at the bottom of the steps, surrounded by bags, trolleys and suitcases filled with the generous donations we’d received, waiting anxiously for people to start to join us. It was 7:25pm, raining and silent. Finally, we saw one lone person walking towards us, then another, then a group… and within sixty seconds we were surrounded by 26 loud, chatty and enthusiastic young people who had come to join our mission. We were speechless! We split into groups of about five, and distributed all of the bags between the groups. 

Each group was given a location to start in, and we said a prayer together before going out in our excited huddles. The excitement in our group lasted about fifteen minutes, before we realised that we were just hauling sleeping bags and toiletries around in the rain without a homeless person in sight. We walked for about thirty minutes before we spotted our first person and after that we met about ten more in quick succession.

It was heart breaking to listen to some of the stories we heard that evening. One person in particular who touched my heart, was a man from Lithuania. He had come to Liverpool with hopes of finding a job, but only managed to find temporary work. When that ran out, he could not afford rent, and ended up on the streets. He has no money and no family here, and no way of getting back home. He sat in the middle of the street eating some scouse which another group of volunteers had brought him.

The people we met were grateful for the items we gave out, but what struck us was that they only took what they absolutely needed. I imagine if I were homeless, I would take everything someone offered just in case, but the people we met were careful to only take what they needed so that there was enough to go round.

The best thing about the mission was that it felt truly worthwhile. We were meeting people where they were, as Christ taught us to. In every person we met, we saw a child of God, made in his image. It was a beautiful experience and I have no doubts that we got so much more out of it than we gave.

Natasha Pritchard, Redemptorist Youth Coordinator

If you want to help in a future homeless mission (the plan is to go out every other month), or to take part in other events, meals, spiritual talks etc You can contact Natasha or her co-worker Anita at   or add them on Facebook, “Natasha Anita RYM”.