" That chosen 'Ark' of salvation, free from the common shipwreck of sin. "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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Scotland's Rio Experience...

At the end of July when Pope Francis went to Rio de Janeiro to be with millions of young people, Scotland decided to join in the action and have a Rio experience all of their own! The following pictures give a small impression of the fantastic time had by all... 

Scotlands Rio 0004

The young people were there...

 Scotlands Rio 0015 Scotlands Rio 0021

the nuns were there...                                                        the clergy were there...

 Scotlands Rio 0042 Scotlands Rio 0045

a young Passionist was there...                                           even more young people were there...

 Scotlands Rio 006 Scotlands Rio 0062

the bishops were there...                                                   and Jesus was there!

 Scotlands Rio 0066 Scotlands Rio 0069 

Confessions were heard...

Scotlands Rio 0070 Scotlands Rio 0075

Dancing was done...

 Scotlands Rio 008 Scotlands Rio 011

Instruction was given...

 Scotlands Rio 013 Scotlands Rio 014

The faith was shared...                                                       and the weather too!

 Scotlands Rio 021 To be missionaries 001

The bishops preached...                                                        the sisters taught...

 To be missionaries 002 To be missionaries 007

and the faith was shared...                                                   and the weather too!

 To be missionaries 008 To be Christs disciples 003

The cross was carried...                                                       prayer was offered...

 To be Christs disciples 011 To be Christs disciples 014

More instruction was given...                                                and gratefully received...

 To be Christs disciples 027 To be Christs disciples 028

The dioceses gathered...                                                     and said hello!

 To be Christs disciples 038 To be Christs disciples 042

Groups shared...                                                               and conversations carried on..

 To be Christs disciples 044 To be Christs disciples 076

and more conversation too...                                                 The Lord was praised!

 To be Christs disciples 079 To be Christs disciples 089

We were blessed by the Archbishop...                                    and the weather again!

 To be Christs disciples 090 To be Christs disciples 096

We walked in procession...                                                  despite the weather!

 To be Christs disciples 097 To be Christs disciples 098

We walked with the Lord...                                                despite the weather!

 To be Christs disciples 103 To be Christs disciples 105

We quietly prayed before the Lord...                                     who then blessed all present!


It was a wonderful event - 

- a big thank you to all who organised and put together

Scotland's Rio Experience!


A photographs are thanks to Paul McSherry