" And because all people have been redeemed by Jesus, Mary loves and favours all "
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RYM Daily Lenten Moment

Day 29 : 'Ripple Effect'

'I can't make a difference!'

We hear people say this so often nowadays!

We hear it when people are asked about reducing their carbon footprint, tackling climate change or cutting down on their energy consumption!

We hear it when people are asked about eradicating global poverty or fighting injustice or helping those who are homeless!

Sometimes when we see humanitarian disasters unfold before our eyes on TV, - we often think - 'What can i do?' or 'What difference could I alone make?'

People often say - 'I can't change the world on my own! I'm only just one person. What difference can I make?'

For you see - most of us often feel helpless when we see situations that seem beyond our control - and which seem too large to comprehend! And more often than not - we give up! We leave it to others!

We give up - thinking that alone we haven't the power to make any meaningful difference!

But that's where we fail! That's where we are so wrong!

Blessed Mother Teresa once said : 'I alone can't change the world - but I can cast a stone to create many ripples'.

Every day we have the power to cast that stone - to carry out small acts of love and charity - acts which can make a big difference! Acts which can inspire others and encourage them to follow suit! Acts which can have a ripple effect!

If we all focus on doing what we can do - and doing it to the best of our ability - we can collectively change the world!

St Francis Xavier sums this up perfectly when he said : 'Be great in the little things'.

So today - as we journey ever closer to Easter - remember that we have great opportunities every day to make a difference.

Let us start by being great in the little things - making a difference to the lives of the people we meet and helping our brothers and sisters in need!

Love and charity is contagious - so let us all start that ripple effect today!

Paul Murphy - Coordinator of Redemptorist Youth Ministry (RYM).