" Who except God can give you peace? Has the world ever been able to satisfy the heart? "
St. Gerard Majella C.Ss.R
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RYM Daily Lenten Moment

Day 13 : 'Suffering'

Suffering it seems is everywhere!

Just turn on the TV and we see the suffering that truly exists in the world (e.g. the plight of refugees, those who are hungry).

Just walk around our towns, cities and communities and we see those who suffer greatly (e.g. the homeless, the addicted, the lonely).

Just visit a hospital or hospice to see those who are suffering from illness and pain.

Just look to our families/ friends and we hear stories of great heartache and trauma.

Just look to ourselves and acknowledge the suffering we experience and carry in our own hearts and lives.

We all experience suffering. No one is immune!

In today's reading St Peter (5:1-4) tells us that he is a witness to the sufferings of Christ.

For you see Jesus suffered - for each one of us. He suffered for you and me. He loved us so much that He endured His Passion and Death for us, bearing the pain of all our sinfulness on the Cross - to save us!

Jesus knows our pain and suffering all too well - every day He helps us to carry our cross - if we let Him.

Let us 'rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance' (Romans 5:3)

So we pray today that the suffering we experience in this life is tempered by our great hope and faith that one day Christ will comes to us in all His glory!

'What we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later' (Romans 8:18)

Paul Murphy

Coordinator of Redemptorist Youth Ministry