" Jesus, thank you for everything, for my very beginning and my very end. "
Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa OSsR
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RYM Daily Lenten Moment

Day 12 : 'Mountain Top Experience'

On 11th March next year - 'Flame 2017' - the largest Catholic Youth Event in the UK will be held at the SSE Wembley Arena in London.

Over 10,000 young people will gather from all over the country to share their faith and come together for a day of prayer, friendship, praise and worship.

This will be the third 'Flame' - and for those who have been privileged to attend the previous events, it is truly a special joyous day.

It's a day when the young church celebrates our faith in Christ, with a joy that is contagious. Gathering together in such large numbers is truly powerful and we leave feeling re-energised in our faith.

It is truly a 'mountain-top experience!'

In today's Gospel of the Transfiguration we hear of Peter, John and James' very own 'mountain-top experience' ; where they see the transfigured Jesus radiating like a star.

They want Jesus to stay with them for as long as possible and so are prepared to make tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah. They didn't want their time with the Lord to end!

Just like Peter, John and James, we too never want these 'special extraordinary experiences' of faith to end. We want to keep the feelings alive and never let the 'flame' of our joy to be extinguished.

However we all must come back down the mountain-side. We need to return to the reality of our daily lives.

So we ask Jesus today to be close to us at all times, but especially in our everyday experiences of faith.

May our 'mountain top moments' strengthen us, inspire us and encourage us to keep the 'flame' of our faith alive each and every day!

Paul Murphy

Coordinator of Redemptorist Youth Ministry