" Jesus, thank you for everything, for my very beginning and my very end. "
Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa OSsR
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An Austrian CSsR Saint - to be...

The future - "Patron Saint of cancer patients'" ?

austrian redemptorist

The Beatification process for Father Wilhelm Janauschek CSsR completed an important step towards beatification with good news from Rome: The province of the Redemptorists in Vienna received the official notification that the beatification process in the case of the servant of God Fr. Wilhelm Janauschek has come to the conclusion. The Congregation for the causes of Saints issued all vote for the beatification in a document (9 x-pro voice). The Pope is invited to agree to the beatification of the Viennese Redemptorists.

Let us pray - and watch this space!

The relevant date for the formal signing of the statements by the Pope is expected for spring 2014.

"We are a little surprised that the process in the matter Janauschek very quickly came now but to a conclusion. So there is hope that - God willing - may-be celebrated here in the next few years a new Saint in Vienna, "said Provincial Father Lorenz Voith.

The beatification process for P. Janauschek was opened immediately after his death. End of the 70 years of the diocesan process was completed under the presidency of Cardinal Franz König and forwarded to Rome.

"Saint of cancer patients"

"So far more than 11,100 prayers at the Provincial House in Vienna have been received. All are well documented, and some very studied and passed. Many cases are probably among them as miracles "to call". The worship of Father Janauschek is unbroken. He is invoked as "Patron of Cancer Patients".

A true Viennese

Wilhelm Janauschek was born in 1859 in the center of Vienna. He graduated from the Scots College, then joined the Order of Redemptorists and studied in Mautern / Styria. Throughout his life he was employed for many important offices, among other things, so many years as novice master and rector. From 1901 to 1907 he was Provincial of the Vienna CSsR; while he was instrumental in that Klemens Maria Hofbauer was canonized in 1909. He looked further than people missionary retreat preacher and was a popular confessor.

On 30 June 1926 he died of cancer at the Hospital of the Hartmann sisters. The reputation of his saintly life and the many prayers that are attributed to his intercession, the Redemptorists, prompted, his mortal coil to transfer from Vienna's Central Cemetery in Vienna Church of Mary on the Strand, 1934.

The worship of Father Janauschek was promoted especially by the "Hartmann sisters". In Hartmannspital there is also a separate Janauschek Chapel in the sister tract.

New Clement Museum "Janauschek room"

In the new "Clement Museum" in Mary on the Strand, which anl the 100thAnniversary year of the survey by Klemens Maria Hofbauer to the town saint of Vienna (1914-2014) is built, it will be a separate "Janauschek room" (including personal items). The Clement museum is on 24 January 2014 officially opened. And more information - - From the church historian Father Martin Leitgöb CSsR a new short biography is P. Janauschek prepared.



Let us pray - and watch this space!