" That which is important for me... are the simple eternal truths: the Incarnation, the Redemption and the Holy Eucharist "
Bl Kaspar Stanggassinger CSsR
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General Visitation...


The Province has just received its visitation from our confreres of the General Government in Rome - Fr Jacek Zdrzalek CSsR and Fr Joao Pedro Fernandes CSsR, from Poland and Angola respectively.

It was a month long experience for both the visitators and the province. They arrived on Monday the 11th of November and work busily until their departure today.

In all they visited each house in the province starting in Hawkstone Hall, going to Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Perth, Edinburgh, Clapham London, Chawton, then back to Hawkstone where they met with our Lay Associates, and then the Formation Secretariate.

Then at the end Fr General arrived and had a meeting with the Extraordinary Provincial Council. The last day of the visitation was held in Bishop Eton, Liverpool, where members of the province travelled for the meeting with the General. 

It was a wonderful and blessed experience!

visitation 2013 province

Most Rev Fr General CSsR, Fr Joao Pedro Fernandes CSsR, Fr Jacek Zdrzalek CssR

and some of the Province.

visitation 2013 formation

Br Royston Price, Fr General CSsR, Br Mike Taylor, Fr Charlie Corrigan CSsR & Br Charles Randall CSsR

The Formation Community and Fr General


visitation 2013 epc

Fr General, the visitors and the Extraordinary Provincial Council

Back left to right

Fr Jim McManus CSsR, Fr Maurice O'Mahony CSsR, Fr Provincial Ronnie McAinsh CSsR,

Fr General Michael Brehl CSsR,

Fr Charlie Corrigan CSsR and Fr Gerry Mulligan CSsR

Front left to right

Fr Joao Pedro Fernandes CSsR, Fr Richard Reid CSsR and Fr Jacek Zdrzalek CSsR 

(missing, Fr Desmond Keegan)


visitation 2013 i

Celebrating a mass (with St Alphonsus watching closely) in order to close the Visitation.

visitation 2013