" So Mary is a Queen. And, for our consolation, we ought to remember that she is a most tender and kind Queen eager to help us in our miseries. So much so that the Church wants us to call her in this prayer a Queen of Mercy! "
St. Alphonsus Liguori
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The Abbey's Pugin Display...

Erdington Abbey recently had a Pugin display as part of the Pugin trail in Birmingham; and it was very successful indeed! As someone on the National Committee said, 


"On behalf of the (national) Pugin Society committee, I would like to thank

you for agreeing to put on the exhibition - we have been encouraging sites

around UK with Pugin holdings to share (some of) what they have with the

public in this, his bicentenary year and, from the feedback we're getting,

the public seem very appreciative, and quite amazed by Pugin's history and

his contribution to all sorts of walks of life."


Thanks to the Rector, Fr Gabriel Maguire C.Ss.R., for drawing our attention to this. 

Any questions or queries, go to the Erdington Abbey web site.

Have a look below to see some of the works...